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Bart Brentjens Challenge 2018

Bart Brentjens Challenge 2018

BBC 2007
BBC 2007
BBC 2009
BBC 2009

It is 2007 when I first participate at the Bart Brentjes Challange. Bart is a former mountainbiker who is having his own team now.
The BBC does start in Eijsden, southern Netherlands, called Limburg

Limburg is known for his more hilly area, so the climbs are longer then the rest of the Netherlands.

In 2009 I did participate again in the trail ride.

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BBC 2018

Would it be fun to ride it again with my ten year old son. Is it something he could enjoy as well or is it just something I want?
We decide to go for it and plan a long weekend in Limburg.

On Friday we did ride the “sint pietersberg” , this new trail is very technical and some nice views.

On Saturday we did relax and picked up our race numbers.
Sunday 07 october it is raceday.

It was a bit colder then the last vieuw days so we did start in our tights.
Then the waiting begins before we are set to go.

start BBC
start BBC

And the we can ride on. After a few corners we did the the trails for ourselves. Passing by some riders with mechanical issues.
It gets warmer when we have our first climb, so we stripped down to shorts.

During the ride we did get a lot of reaction. My son was really motivated to ride on. On some climbs he was able to pass some adults as well, wich made him go even faster.
At the end we have rode a 42,5 km ( 26 miles) and had 580 altitude meters.

Proud of what we did we drove home to enjoy the photo’s and did create the video.

(© sportograf en Guido)



We are going to ride some more of these trails.

Mini cycling holiday

Mini cycling holiday

It is about a month ago since we had our last small cycling holiday.
On 14-15 october 2017 we had a very warm weekend in the Netherlands.

So we planned our small cycling trip. My son (9 years) would like to stay on a campsite with swimming pool.
After some searches we found “Ardoer Camping Ackersate” to stay.

We planned our trip and try to get some quite roads and even some unpaved ones as well.
Due to the weather we had a great weekend and some nice cycling routes.
After a night sleep in the tent we did drove back to home.

The trip can be viewed below on the map.

And off course we had our camera with us to get some footage.

It is nice to have this weekend nearby our home.

Frogbike 9 versnellingen

Frogbike 9 versnellingen

Finn rijd al enige tijd op een Ghost Powerkid met 24 versnellingen. Met de originele 8 versnellingen komen we af en toe iets te kort op de klimmetje.
Het is mogelijk om een 8 speed om te bouwen naar een 9 speed cassette, je moet dan ook de derailleur en de shifters vervangen.

Voor onze reis naar noorwegen heb ik onze Frogbike 62 voorzien van een 9 speed cassette. ( shifter en derailleur had ik nog liggen)

Hij kan nu één extra tandje extra schakelen en dat geeft hem net iets meer ruimte.

Up north

Up north

We are about to go to Norway to cycle the Coastelroute 17 ( kystriksveien  17 ). The website is not yet ready for our travel info but you will see some instagram images during our trip.

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