Feiy tech G5 and Garmin Virb Ultra

Feiy tech G5 and Garmin Virb Ultra

I have been using my Garmin virb camera’s quit a lot over de last view years.

Garmin Virb
Garmin Virb

It did start with the Garmin Virb in 2013 .

I used the Garmin Virb XE a lot for all out MTB rides en cycling trips.

Garmin Virb XE
Garmin Virb XE

Recently I moved over to the Garmin Virb Ultra. A real GoPro killer. All accessoiries are compatible with the gopro mounts.
The biggest issue was to find a Gimbal that was compatible.

Since a few month Feiyu Tech did enter the market with the G5 gimbal. A waterproof gimbal that fits the Garmin Virb Ultra.
It is possible to put the G5 on a tripod and use the app to remote.

More photo’s and video’s are on its way.

[update 17-01-2017]

This weekend I used the Gimbal on a mtb ride. Some more details below.

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4 thoughts on “Feiy tech G5 and Garmin Virb Ultra

  1. Really interested in this exact combo. How’s it working out. Does it stay attached ok? Cover up anything vital on the camera? I’m guessing the cage isn’t designed for the Verb ultra30 – designed for a GoPro?

    1. The Virb is ipx7 waterproof, half hour on 50cm below watersurface.
      I use the combination a lot.
      The case fits perfectly on the Virb.
      Dcrainmaker.com is working on a full review of the G5.

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