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detailed info about our travel to norway

Visit Trondheim

Visit Trondheim

Between christmas and new year we did visit friends in trondheim.

We had a great time visiting the old town of Trondheim and done some langlauf (XC-ski) trips. More info and locations below on the map or just see the photo’s. Or see some tips.

we did 2 ski trips. When skiing make sure to take water and food along with you. If you want to know what “loipes” are created fresh you can take a look at .

Cross country Skiing skistua to heimdal  and Cross country Skiing skistua to Lian 

Some photo’s of our visit to Trondheim.


The weather in Trondheim can cjange very quick. Make sure to dress with layers of clothing.

  • travel papers need to be active for more then 6 month when travelling in Norway.
  • Alchoholic drinks are expensive, you can take them from home in you dropp off luggage.
    • Wine and Beer you can buy at Vinmonopolet, a liquor store from norway.
  • Make sure to have warm  “shoes” .
  • There are several hotels and house for rent.
  • At City Sud ( shopping centre) there are several outdoor shop where you can buy your missing equipment.


Up north

Up north

We are about to go to Norway to cycle the Coastelroute 17 ( kystriksveien  17 ). The website is not yet ready for our travel info but you will see some instagram images during our trip.

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