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elfstedenroute bikeride

elfstedenroute bikeride

Last may holiday we did ride most of the  elfstedenroute .
The elfstedentocht is a iceskate trip that only take place when there is enough ice to ride it on iceskates.

Due to bad weather and a broken spoke we have to make some changes in the route.

The statistics:

date from to  km hm temp remarks
friday 27 april 2018 Balk Molkwerum 29 65 13
saterday 28 april 2018 Molkwerum Witmarsum 31,5 24 12,7
sunday 29 april 2018 Witmarsum Harlingen 22 43 12,1 spaakbreuk
monday 30 april 2018 Harlingen Berlikum 32 41 12
tuesday 1 may 2018 Berlikum Leeuwarden 23 74 11 Code geel / wind
wednesday 2 may 2018 Leeuwarden Balk 32 103 14,3 Trein Leeuwarden / Sneek

Een impressie van de route kan je hieronder bekijken.

Visit Trondheim

Visit Trondheim

Between christmas and new year we did visit friends in trondheim.

We had a great time visiting the old town of Trondheim and done some langlauf (XC-ski) trips. More info and locations below on the map or just see the photo’s. Or see some tips.

we did 2 ski trips. When skiing make sure to take water and food along with you. If you want to know what “loipes” are created fresh you can take a look at .

Cross country Skiing skistua to heimdal  and Cross country Skiing skistua to Lian 

Some photo’s of our visit to Trondheim.


The weather in Trondheim can cjange very quick. Make sure to dress with layers of clothing.

  • travel papers need to be active for more then 6 month when travelling in Norway.
  • Alchoholic drinks are expensive, you can take them from home in you dropp off luggage.
    • Wine and Beer you can buy at Vinmonopolet, a liquor store from norway.
  • Make sure to have warm  “shoes” .
  • There are several hotels and house for rent.
  • At City Sud ( shopping centre) there are several outdoor shop where you can buy your missing equipment.


Mini cycling holiday

Mini cycling holiday

It is about a month ago since we had our last small cycling holiday.
On 14-15 october 2017 we had a very warm weekend in the Netherlands.

So we planned our small cycling trip. My son (9 years) would like to stay on a campsite with swimming pool.
After some searches we found “Ardoer Camping Ackersate” to stay.

We planned our trip and try to get some quite roads and even some unpaved ones as well.
Due to the weather we had a great weekend and some nice cycling routes.
After a night sleep in the tent we did drove back to home.

The trip can be viewed below on the map.

And off course we had our camera with us to get some footage.

It is nice to have this weekend nearby our home.

Leukerbad area

Leukerbad area

During our holiday we have been to Switzerland.  We stayed on the Leukerbad campsite.
We had some great bike rides and with the “gäste karte” you get a discount on the cablecars as well.

This we could go up with the cablecar and cycle downwards. The Leukerbad website does have several routes available.
We did take route 6 and the Flowtrail.

We also did walk to the Lämmerenhütte, a special article will follow.
Video’s on the biketrail you can see below.

Trail 6:


Back to 2002

Back to 2002

Last week I have been working on my old Travel discription of the GR20 in Corsica.
It was back in 2001 and 2002 I walked the GR20.

The travelblog is written down on my own site now.
It is in dutch and you can read it here.

Cirque de solitude
Cirque de solitude