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Tow whee, the bungy strap

Tow whee, the bungy strap

We have been mountainbike a long time with the familiy. We did notice it is hard to make nice downhill track is there is no cablecar nearby.
We parked our car on the top and rolled down the mountain and I did cycle up again to get the car.

Then I found out there is a bungy rope designed for bikers.
I orderded one for testing.

A few weeks a go we did test the rope in Belgium. Our son (10 years) has developed quite some riding skills but he does miss the strength on long climbs.
(for now lucky for me 😉  )
This summer we plan to use it in Austria where climbs a much longer.

For now I’m happy with the first rides.

Eleven cities biking tour 2018

Eleven cities biking tour 2018

A few weeks ago we were in Friesland already, we then cycled with our tour-bikes the “elfstedentocht“.

The second day of Pentecost (whit-monday) we did ride the 240 kilometer eleven cities bike ride.
We were accompanied by 15.000 other bikers.

Different categories of cyclists participate in the tour. Fast ‘race’-cyclists, sporty cyclists and real recreational cyclists. The bicycles of the participants also vary. During the tour we see a lot of racing bikes, but also ‘regular’ bicycles, transport bikes, tandems and recumbent bicycles.

I only rode 140 km, but it was a great ride to follow.


Relive ’11 steden tocht’

elfstedenroute bikeride

elfstedenroute bikeride

Last may holiday we did ride most of the  elfstedenroute .
The elfstedentocht is a iceskate trip that only take place when there is enough ice to ride it on iceskates.

Due to bad weather and a broken spoke we have to make some changes in the route.

The statistics:

date from to  km hm temp remarks
friday 27 april 2018 Balk Molkwerum 29 65 13
saterday 28 april 2018 Molkwerum Witmarsum 31,5 24 12,7
sunday 29 april 2018 Witmarsum Harlingen 22 43 12,1 spaakbreuk
monday 30 april 2018 Harlingen Berlikum 32 41 12
tuesday 1 may 2018 Berlikum Leeuwarden 23 74 11 Code geel / wind
wednesday 2 may 2018 Leeuwarden Balk 32 103 14,3 Trein Leeuwarden / Sneek

Een impressie van de route kan je hieronder bekijken.

Bike-experience Roosendaal

Bike-experience Roosendaal

Last weekend (18-04-2018) we went to Bike-experience Roosendaal.

We did bring our BMX and MTB with us.
The have created a large 3500 m3 pumptrack for skateboards and BMX.

jump wielerexperience
jump wielerexperience

A MTB track with 3 differant routes and a racetrack for speed bikes.

We did use all 3 of them.

How we did that? See our video:

Want to go there?
See locations below:

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Wielerexperience Roosendaal

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Wielerexperience Roosendaal 51.550395, 4.478516 Buijenstraat 14, 4705 RD Roosendaal, Netherlands (Directions)
Frog bike 78 trekkingbike

Frog bike 78 trekkingbike

The frogbike is rebuild to trekking bike.

Why | Parts| Photo

Frogbikes make perfect kids bikes but miss out on some parts.

  • No reflective striping on the tyres. (most common in europe)
  • mudgard don’t have a break out.
  • Shimano Acera 8 speed is a to “light” for serious climbs.

Since our first Frog bike some things have been changed:

  • Mounting option for locks.
  • mounting options for mudgard.

So I decide to make some changes to our frogbike.
My local bike shop “de Kleine Spaak” has this options availalbe for buyers as well.


I use the following parts to create a trekkingbike.
Pricing is a indication.

Total extra costs are approx $ 330,-
The schwalbe Big Apple tyres are a bit expensive but they help to get a better comfertable ride.

Many off the parts would be available for a lower price. I did want to create a solid bike at a low weight.
For every part I did make choose between price/ weight/ quality.
These choices will be differant for every one.

the total weight is  13,4 kg ( 29,5 LBS). The lock with a weight of 700 gram makes the Frog 78 a bit heavier.
The first 12 km have been made. Finn did like his new bike.
Many kilometers will follow.


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